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Direct inward dialing (DID)

VOXAPP DID provides a personal number to each user within the organization, without the need for an operator or attendant, while maintaining only a limited amount of subscriber lines thus enabling an optimal planning and sharing for your telephony system resources.

Subscribing to physical (PRI) circuits used to be mandatory, VOXAPP brings you that service directly over any IP network all over the world.

Do you already own DIDs numbers and want to keep those numbers ? We can handle the complete porting request process and add those telephone numbers to your system when ready.

Simultaneous call

VOXAPP has developed an In the Cloud technology that absorbs, without any technical constraints, tens, hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous calls. And all this, without loss of quality.

The VOXAPP offer is also distinct by its flexibility: you have no commitment and every month you can adjust your volume based on your business requirements.

Outbound communication

Our technological expertise coupled with negotiations with hundreds of operators enables us to handle all your national and international calls.

IP Centrex telephone line

A Centrex is a platform on which phones connect. It is the Centrex that provides all the services you would expect from a modern phone.

VOXAPP Centrex brings the next-generation features. For example, the exclusive Vox# (VoxPound) system integrates your telephony in your information system.

Also, VOXAPP diverges from traditional practices to ensure an all inclusive rate : no hidden costs or optional extras.


An IVR is the first contact point between you and your customers. A poorly designed IVR can be frustrating, even traumatic for your customers. In fact, creating an optimal IVR is not an easy task.

Because we know this part is crucial in your customer relationship management, we take care of creating a tailored IVR, while ensuring that the customer experience is as smooth as possible.

VOXAPP will guide you through all the life cycle of your IVR from the schematics and up to the inevitable adjustements.

We are able to provide a complete reporting of the interactions between the IVR and your customers.

Our innovative labs

Our staff is constantly experimenting with new features aimed at improving the user experience. Many of these features can be easily applied to your company's processes.

Feel free to contact us if you think of a new product, a new revolutionnary or disruptive service or just one fun idea. We love your input and feedback and we considerate every request with pleasure.


    • starting from $ 29 /month
    • under 5 DID
    • under 5 channels
    • unlimited package or on real consumption
    • Access anywhere online
    • Detailed Dashboard
    • No commitment
    • Technical support
    • 100% uptime
    • Order now
    • free quote
    • over 10 DID
    • over 10 channels
    • IVR services or specific application
    • Detailed Dashboard & Statistics
    • White label
    • Technical support
    • Access anywhere online
    • 100% uptime
    • 8225504746


  • 708-693-3248

    VOXAPP had a material impact on how we manage our incoming calls. During working hours, the Interactive Voice Server qualifies incoming calls so the number of calls handled increases. At night, client management is fully automated through the SIV.

    voxapp partner

  • cycler

    We already have a lot of work for us to deploy worldwide, so we were looking for a partner that can provide us a global telephony solutions, secure and competitive. We found voxapp.

    voxapp partner

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